Vintage Omega Speedmaster

This highly desirable vintage Speedmaster dates back to 60’s.  At that time the dial maker used to coat black dials with a chemical to prevent them from faded.  During this time period, the chemical had the opposite effect on some watches.  These few collectible pieces faded to a tropical beautiful brown color.  This particular piece has faded to a very attractive chocolate brown shade that is immediately detectable in person.  The faded original 220 bezel has a nice consistent color that adds to the vintage look.  The watch comes on a factory bracelet produced by Holzer (which is pretty rare in the vintage world).  The extracts confirmed this watch was delivered in Mexico in late 1969.

This reference is considered “pre-moon” because it is the version produced before the landing in July of 1969.   For a true collector this is a once in a lifetime piece to add to the collection.

Email us to set up an appointment to view this piece.  It will not be displayed in the showcase.  Appointments only.