Rolex 50th Anniversary Submariner

In 2003 Rolex celebrated the 50th year of the iconic Rolex Submariner.  To celebrate this historic event they launched the “anniversary Sub”.  The buzz and craze surrounding this watch was like nothing we had ever seen in the watch world.  Rolex did not announce how long they would be produced.  They did not announce how many were going to be produced.  The intrigue and popularity had this new release selling for nearly 3 times the MSRP.  Rolex does not do “limited editions” and a lot of people suspected this model might be the first of its kind.

As it turned out Rolex decided to manufacture this model from 2003 up until 2010.  For Rolex this is still a very short run.  To collectors only the first year production of these watches featuring the “flat 4 bezel” are the true 50th anniversary Submariners, therefore command the highest premium.

This particular model does feature the desirable flat 4 bezel since it is a first year production 16610lv.  The dial is the maxi dial with large hour plots found on later ceramic models but featured first on this watch.  The case and bracelet are both stainless steel.  This watch is in mint condition with very minimal wear.