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We Are Taking Pandora to the Next Level!!

Yes! (We’re hopping up and down in our heels, too!)
Your love and loyalty to Pandora has prompted us to grow in an unexpected and exciting new direction…many directions, really…up, out, off to the sides…
Take a look…

Pandora display

A Pandora Shop in Shop—We now have a Pandora Shop within our store!What exactly does this mean? Well, for us, it means we are able to carry a much larger inventory, like the Disney Collection and Essence (and, there are whispers we’ll eventually have Pandora’s rose gold collection). And, we’ll be bumped ahead in line to receive new items and replacement pieces from Pandora. Which means we will have Sooo Much More to present to YOU. Wider selection, the latest looks—you’ll have a soiree adorning your wrists and updating your style with us!Okay, what else, you ask? This-

pandora full ring display

Interactive rings! Pull it out, slide it on, take a picture, show your mother/friend/husband, put it back, try another, stack ‘em up… It’s okay, we’re in there playing, too! How will you know what you like if you don’t try them all on?  My favorite?!

pandora for pam7 pandora for pam

Lots and lots of mixing and matching ideas right there in front of you–or your sweet loved one who is struggling to present you with the perfect Pandora necklace, bracelet, earring combo… Go ahead, walk around the counter and get a better look, we have room back here for you now!