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6 Chic Engagement Ring Looks for 2017

Two-Tone Designs

Two-tone designs are always in style! Even if all your jewelry is white, a two-tone piece doesn’t clash. Rose gold is used perfectly in this engagement ring design, accenting the gorgeous curves and drawing the eye to the center diamond.



Double Shanks

What’s better than one band of diamonds? Two bands of diamonds! It’s twice as pretty and gives any engagement ring a more modern, architectural feel.



Intricate Side Views

Elaborate details on the sides mean your ring will look amazing from every angle. We love the way this setting cradles the center diamond and dances around the band.




Rose Gold

There’s a reason why this pink gold is so popular—it’s feminine rosy hue flatters all skin tones.



Colored Diamonds

Colorful diamonds are a beautiful choice for your engagement ring. Fancy colors like yellow and pink, stand out from the crowd without feeling too over the top. If you’re looking for a modern statement, try chocolate or black diamonds.







Inspired by Nature

Designs inspired by nature really took root (see what we did there) during the Art Nouveau period. Now, engagement rings feature flowers, leaves,  vines and other details taken right from the world around us. This rose halo adds a feminine touch to this ring.